My Brand and Website!

I am so happy to be able to share with the world my new brand and my new website!

A year ago I had a vision of what it might look like, what images it might show, and what it might focus on.

It has been a true labour of love choosing the style, colours and images to reflect the brand.

It began last September during my first session on my foundation training programme with Training byLumiere my mentor Kate Hopewell-Smith shared “the importance of branding” and how it is essential to have a brand that is right for me and that represents what I am, perfectly…

I needed the right person to help me in the creation of my brand, and on meeting Andrea Bowler from Create Branding I knew she was the person for the job. Being a creative herself she ‘gets’ what is needed to make a beautiful brand!

I wanted to convey my style and personality and also the essence of my photography business.

I developed my brand values, values that are important to me and an essential foundation to my business.. Quality, Reliable, Dedicated, Style.

Alongside my personality values.. Approachable, Emotive, Caring, True.

These are the core values upon which my business is based and on which I pride myself.

I told Andrea about myself, styles I am inspired by, my music tastes, colours I love, furniture and fashion I like, even the old Hollywood films I have always loved to watch! I gathered mood boards showing the styles I love, I wanted Andrea to have a good picture of ‘me’ and what I wanted my brand to ‘feel’ like, as well as look like.

Roll forward to the next month’s training… Andrea showed me my brand! She showed it to Kate and Brent first and when I saw their faces light up I knew it was going to be good!

It was then my turn to see it… I could hardly look! I don’t know why I was so nervous! Perhaps because it is the image of what I will be showing to the world as ‘me’, it is the personification of my business and it’s so important!

Well, she got it spot on! I absolutely LOVED it!

Andrea is one very clever lady, she listened to everything I said and understood exactly what I wanted to achieve.

This, combined with my lovely website by Amazing Internet, gives me the perfect platform for me to showcase what ‘Zelda Rhiannon’ is and to share my work.

I hope you enjoy looking through my website and images, and thank you for taking the time to read my first blog.

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  1. Well done, a really nice fresh website that make me realise I must look at mine and refresh. All the best

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